Flathead, Marine Mysteries, and Oceans Book Club – CPAWS BC newsletter, April 2009

– Fresh off the press from our friends at CPAWS BC.

Friends needed for a furry world

Chris Servheen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.B.C.’s Flathead Valley needs your help. Please add your name today to Friends of the Flathead to show your support for this valley tucked deep in the Rockies.

The Flathead is a furry place. Wolves, elk, caribou, wolverine, cougars – if it has claws or hooves, you can find it in the Flathead. And more grizzly bears live in this valley than anywhere else in the interior of North America. The Flathead is a natural nursery for large, tough animals.

But future mining activity threatens these great creatures. They need human help to survive. Thanks for becoming a Friend of the Flathead.

Wet and weird: CPAWS launches Marine Mysteries

In March, CPAWS-BC launched an enigmatic new website:  The Marine Mysteries of B.C. Appropriate for teens and adults, this site celebrates all things wet and weird on the B.C. coast. From Jurassic-era sponge reefs to killer whales that ignore each other, B.C. waters teem with the unexplained.

Why create the site? To introduce the public and politicians to the fantastic underwater worlds around B.C. – desperate for protection while continuing to evolve in mysterious ways. This site merges storytelling with actions everyone can take to save ocean ecosystems (even the weird ecosystems).

Oceans Book Club: Help us make waves! 


Alongside the Marine Mysteries website, CPAWS-BC created an Oceans Book Club. It’s a place where sea meets story and readers make waves. From Rachel Carson to National Geographic, we choose titles that inspire, educate and shake the establishment. We send them to politicians! Read along and help save the seas. 

Find out how! Check out the Oceans Book Club


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