100-Mile Challenge: Episode 1 – The Purge

Episode 1 of the 100-Mile Challenge on the Food Network was considered the wake-up call. Hosts, James MacKinnon and Alisa Smith, have put a challenge to six families to consume food that is produced within 100 miles of their hometown, Mission, B.C. If you missed the first episode, which aired Sunday April 5, 2009, you can catch it online in six parts:

Part 1: Rallying the Troops for the 100 Day Challenge (7:41)

Part 2: Learning about Your Food Supply — Health and Cooking (5:33)

Part 3: Cleaning Out the Non-Local, Unhealthy Food — the Real Challenge (6:07)

Part 4: The Shake-Up (7:27)

Part 5: The Last Supper (5:19)

Part 6: Day 1 and the First Breakfast of the Challenge (6:21)

Otherwise, stay tuned for the next episode of the 100 Mile Challenge airing on Sunday April 12th.

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