Earth Talks, Trash and Treasures, and Fair Dollars [Green Communities News] GCNews #626

626: 6 April 2009 – Published by Green Communities Canada

WHO WE ARE. At our recent Annual General Meeting in Hamilton, participating Green Communities identified some top-rated words and phrases to describe us: solutions-based, collaborative, national/local, engaging, trained/knowledgeable, action-oriented, community-based, innovative, professional, visionary, entrepreneurial, inspiring … Don’t we sound wonderful?

GCC BOARD NEWS. Joy Kennedy and Paul-Antoine Troxler are newly nominated GCC Board members. Bruce Pearce was reappointed.

EARTH TALKS. Environment Network (Collingwood) celebrates Earth Day with a series of public events: Growing a Great Lawn Naturally, Green Cleaning, Sustainable Building, and Five ways to Detox your Children … EcoDriver presentations, 19 April and 5 May.
EVENTS. Durham Sustain Ability’s Community Energy Forum provides tools and resources needed to understand and maximize the full potential of green power. Oshawa, 16 April. … DSA’s Green Business Trade Show was a success with over 150 participants.

KNICK-KNACKS. Clean North (Sault Ste.Marie) presents The Story of Stuff. Panel gives an overview of recycling and reducing efforts. 22 April.

WELL VISITS. In 2008, Hearthmakers (Kingston) completed 50 Well Aware visits. The program starts again in April 2009. Book online.

FAIR DOLLARS. Équiterre promotes Adopting and Implementing a Responsible Purchasing Policy in an Institution of Higher Education on its website. “Québec’s institutions of higher education purchase more than a billion dollars in goods and services every year, frequently supporting companies doing business in ways that severely threaten the environment, violate human rights and breach the most basic labour standards” … Workshop and webcast: Purchasing Our Futures features two panels: Community-First Purchasing and Governments and Local Economic and Social Change. Free. By the Social Economy Centre of the University of Toronto, 23 April

TRASH AND TREASURES. Rideau Environmental Alliance League (REAL) organizes Pitch-In Smiths Falls, a community-wide litter clean-up. 20 April-3 May … Recyclopedia is Rideau Reuses Online Exchange.

GREEN PEEVES. EcoSuperior showcases environmental rants on its community forum. This week: attendants using a throw-away cup to pour coffee in a reusable mug.

FESTIVAL. Certified Energy Advisor Brent Cooper (Elora Centre for the Environment) tends a booth at Halton Eco Festival, where 25 speakers talk about Brundtland World Commission on Environment and Development‘s sustainable development goals. 18 April.

GREEN ENERGY. Dr. David Suzuki And Dr. Hermann Scheer talk about how green energy can shape our future, aid our economy and provide thousands of jobs, while minimizing impacts on the planet. Toronto, 23 April.

CLIMATE LAW. The House of Commons voted for strong, science-based action on climate change by supporting Bill C-311. "This groundbreaking Bill gives Canada a chance to go into this year’s pivotal UN climate negotiations as a leader," says Pembina Institute.

HOUSE VALUE. Almost all Canadians (95%) say that low energy consumption is an important consideration when buying a home; 93 % of those planning to buy a home in the next two years are in favour of a standardized energy rating available for all homes, says study.

SONG. Green Anthem captures the essence of the growing American cross-sectoral movement for a green economy. Video concludes with a call by Green for All’s Van Jones: "we must connect the work that most needs to be done with the people who most need the work.".

JOBS. LEAF – Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests, Volunteer Coordinator Toronto, due 14 April. … Sierra Club Canada, Energy and Climate Change Coordinator. St. John’s, NFD, due 10 April … Burrard Inlet Environmental Action Program , Research Coordinator. Burnaby, BC, due 14 April.

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