Artists raising awareness of Oak Ridges Moraine

In York Region, north of Toronto, 40 artists have banded together to help raise awareness about protecting the Oak Ridges Moraine, a crucial acquifer recharge source for southern Ontario. The artists have created a limited edition book featuring paintings of the moraine. The book ($24), ‘Connecting with Nature, Oak Ridges Moraine‘, showcases 20 outstanding images of the moraine; includes stories and environmental data. Proceeds go to the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority.
“It is our hopes that through our visual gift, we can express the significance of preserving our land reserves,” Herbert Pryke says.
The moraine extends for 160 kilometres and is made up of river valleys and rolling hills — 30 per cent of the moraine is forested — in southern Ontario, stretching from the Niagara area to Colborne, ON. The moraine is crucial because it is located in the province’s most densely populated region, and plays a vital role as a water resource. The moraine is like a giant natural rain barrel, a headwater source for 65 rivers, and a water supply to the wells of more than 250,000 people. Losing the moraine would post a serious threat to the supply of clean, fresh water for southern Ontario residents and the many ecosystems which depend on that water.
What’s more, the moraine is home to many rare, theatened and endangered species, including the red-sided dace, a small minnow whose Canadian range is now confined to small pockets in southern Ontario, much of that range being the moraine. 

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