Bits & Bytes Project

bitsbytes.jpgBuilding Community Food Security with Bits & Bytes Project,
in collaboration with Food Secure Canada, has created an online
food security resource database. It will be a living, ever-growing cornucopia
of freely-accessible, community food security resources.
An intuitive user-interface ensures that people with minimal
computer skills or on slow-speed internet will still be able to
the site and locate the information they are seeking. Fashioned after
Wikipedia, the database will grow through the submissions and comments
the food security community who use it. In this way, it will continue
expand in richness and content, with a focus on credible, practical,
information that will be of use to community activists, academics,
makers, farmers and anyone interested in food security. Content covers a range,
from community
kitchen recipes to the use of comfrey in compost tea, from food miles
nutrition, from food charters to farmers markets, from food sovereignty

Visit the web site:

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