Ontario’s Green Energy Act Shines Bright for Solar Industry


The Canadian Solar Industries Association voiced its support for the Ontario Government’s new Green Energy Act noting the strides that would be made for the province as an international leader.

“The proposed changes announced as part of this Act will certainly help build a new clean economy, green collar jobs, as well as creating a  ulture of conservation throughout the province,” said Elizabeth McDonald, CanSIA Executive Director. “CanSIA looks forward to working with the government as the programs and regulations associated with this new
legislation are rolled out. It is clear the McGuinty Government intends to open the door to make Ontario one of the world leaders as a renewable energy jurisdiction.”

CanSIA intends to be a very active participant in the public consultations to take place with Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure led by Minister George Smitherman, as the proposed legislation moves forward to adoption.

“The Ontario Green Energy Act, coupled with President Obama’s commitment to fostering growth in clean renewable energy, places solar firmly at the forefront of efforts to stimulate our global economy while safeguarding the environment for future generations,” said McDonald.

Further details about the Green Energy Act will be available at the Ontario Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure web site.

The Canadian Solar Industries Association’s mission is to develop a strong, efficient, ethical and professional Canadian solar industry, able to service an expanding domestic energy market, to provide innovative solar solutions to world energy problems, and to play a major role in promoting the transition to a solar energy future worldwide.


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