New Brunswick Climate Action Fund (ecoTrust)

The Government of New Brunswick has laid out a plan for addressing climate change, called the New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan.

Below is a snapshot of the initiative taken from their website:

“The New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan is an important step to address the many broad and interrelated aspects of climate change in this province. It is an ambitious plan that outlines our collective vision for reducing provincial greenhouse gas emissions and managing our adaptation to climate change impacts through a series of targets and policy actions as well as engagement of stakeholders and the public. In these ways, this plan charts our path to sustainability in a changing climate.”

Applications for funding are now being accepted under the three-year, $34-million fund, and will be accepted until Feb. 20, 2009. Download the full application for funding here.

“I strongly encourage eligible groups to present proposals, particularly in the application of renewable energy alternatives, transportation, energy efficiency and waste management,” said Minister of Environment Roland Haché. “The New Brunswick Climate Action Fund is a great resource that can be used in our joint efforts to reduce and prevent greenhouse-gas emissions in our province.”

Read this Government of New Brunswick press release for a recent environmental project funded by this initiative.
Read the summary and full plan here: Climate Change Action Plan – 2007-2012

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