Video Series: Threat of Tar Sands Tankers to B.C. Coastline

The Dogwood Initiative has introduced a new four-part video series, highlighting the threat of oil tankers to the B.C. coastline. 

Tar Sands and Tankers Part 1: Our Abundant Coast
(1 minute)
The Dogwood Initiative first introduces you to the abundance of marine and wildlife on the shores and waterways of B.C.  The potential of oil spills threatens this ecosystem.

Tar Sands and Tankers Part 2: Albertan Ambitions
(2:40 minutes)
A depiction of the flow of oil from Alberta’s tar sands and explanation on oil companies’ interests in bringing oil tankers to B.C.’s rainforest coast.  Enbridge seeking to push its 1,100 Km twin pipeline project, destined for Kitimat, B.C., through the environmental regulatory process.

Tar Sands and Tankers Part 3: The Exxon Valdez
(3:34 minutes)
The Exxon Valdez oil spill on Alaska’s shores is briefly revisited.  Should there be an oil spill on B.C.’s coast, the potential damage is comparable to that of Alaska’s coastal marine and wildlife and its fishing industry.

Tar Sands and Tankers Part 4: Modeling a BC Spill
(3:13 minutes)
The last of the four-part video series maps two maze-like routes for tankers to travel, riddled with underwater pinnacles of rock.  Simon Fraser University calculated the probability and volume of oil spills, based on the flowrate of Enbridge’s pipeline and history of oil spills.

For more information and videos, see ‘Oil Tankers Still a Potential Threat to B.C. Coastline‘ at:

The Dogwood Initiative’s mission is sustainable land reform to safeguard B.C. communities.  They work to ensure that B.C. residents have the right to make decisions about how the land they live on is used. 

Sign the Dogwood Initiative’s No Tankers petition at:

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