Money for Trees, GMO, Waste Not, BON APPÉTIT – Green Communities News – GCNews #114

614: 12 January 2009 – Published by Green Communities Canada

WE’RE STILL TOPS! Canada still holds the Guiness world record for the most people simultaneously walking 1 kilometre. Although Australia issued a "call to arms and legs" and boasted in advance about "beating the pesky Canadians," the Ozzies failed last 1 September to surpass the Canuck record. Final official tally: 195,030 for Australia vs. 231,63 for Canada. Canada’s World Record Walk, 3 October 2007, was organized by Green Communities Canada and our partners … England now threatens to challenge our supremacy in May 2010. Bring it on!

NOT FOR PROFIT. GCC has joined the Ontario Nonprofit Network, that speaks out on the modernization of the Ontario Corporations Act, the proposed changes to Canada Revenue Agency fundraising guidelines, and the need to include nonprofits in federal economic stimulus packages. No fee membership.

US WEATHERIZATION. "To put people back to work today and reduce our dependence on foreign oil tomorrow, we will double renewable energy production and renovate public buildings to make them more energy efficient," said US president Obama during his 3 January Address to the Nation.

BUDGET CONSULTATION. The federal government is conducting a nationwide consultation on what parts of the economy to stimulate. Express your views online or write your local MP. Letters to MPs can be mailed for free.

UNREAL SAVINGS. Setting Up Superstores and Climate Change describes the results of a study indicating that shopping at large, suburban ‘superstores’ consumes more than four times as much transportation energy and produces more than four times the carbon emissions as local grocery store shopping.

BON APPÉTIT. O Is For Opportunity is the theme of Guelph Organic Conference & Expo. Keynote speaker: Toronto Food Policy Council‘s Wayne Roberts. Unique organic certified and fair trade certified products, Well Aware booth. 22-25 January … Niagara Local Food Co-operative is a virtual farmer’s market. Instead of driving to the market or from farm to farm, you can order online and pick up the foods you selected in one convenient location.

MONEY FOR TREES. Home Depot–Evergreen Rebuilding Nature Grant provides grants of $1,000, $3,000 or $8,000 — plus $2,000 in gift cards; Unilever–Evergreen Aquatic Stewardship and Conservation Grant Program provides funding of between $3,500 and $10,000. Deadline 6 February … Wal-Mart – Evergreen Green Grant provides up to $10 000. Deadline 27 March.

GMO. Presentation on safety issues of genetically modified food crops by Arpad Pusztai, honoured with a whistleblower award from the Federation of German Scientists in 2005, and featured in film The World According to Monsanto. 15 January.

INTERNATIONAL RECOGNITION. The best bicycle route in the world is in Canada. The Route verte, 4,000 km of bikeways criss-crossing Quebec, has won first place among the ten best bicycle routes in the world, ranked by the National Geographic Society. The Route also received the 10th World Leisure Congress Innovation Prize last October.

WASTE NOT. Two-day conference Wealth Without Waste explores the implementation of effective Extended Producer Responsibility programs in Ontario, with aspirational goal of zero waste. Toronto, 2-3 February.

JOBS. Canadian Business for Social Reponsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility Advisor. Calgary, due 2 February … Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition, four positions: Project Manager/Great Rides Program; Project Manager/Commuter Cycling Skills Program, Project Manager/Bike to Work Program, Administrative Assistant Contractor. All due 19 January, 9 am.

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