CanWEA’s Small Wind Energy site

If you have enough property and want to power your home, small business or community with wind energy, here is your best place to learn how.

Visit the Canadian Wind Energy Association’s helpful site at:

Below is some of the basics they offer for creating your wind energy:

Small wind is great if…

1) You have at least 1/2 acre of property with good wind

2) Your local zoning allows a wind turbine to be installed

3) You have consulted with your neighbours

4) You want clean renewable energy “behind your meter” or some independence from the grid. 

A renewable energy system can be expensive to buy, but you can start small and upgrade your equipment at a later date. You should be aware that installation of a small wind turbine can require considerable planning from a technical, financial, legal, social, and environmental perspective. 

If you’re already familiar with the basics of small wind and are considering your own turbine, you can follow CanWEA’s three stage process for building your site.

Good Luck!


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