Scientific American: Earth 3.0

I was browsing my local magazine stand and saw the October special issue of Scientific American: Earth 3.0…..cute title.


Features from the magazine:

Preserving biodiversity in rich habitats is good. But global warming and other new threats may call for a new strategy
By Robert Kunzig

Energy versus Water: Solving Both Crises Together
Water is needed to generate energy. Energy is needed to deliver water. Both resources are limiting the other–and both may be running short. Is there a way out?
By Michael E. Webber

For National Security, Get Off Oil
Former CIA director, R. James Woolsey, says America’s oil dependence is a grave threat
By Stephen D. Solomon

LEED Compliance Not Required For Designing Green Buildings
Constructing buildings to the LEED standard can conserve energy and materials–or be exploited for promotional gain
By Daniel Brook

Global Warming: Beyond The Tipping Point
The world’s most outspoken climatologist argues that today’s carbon dioxide levels are already dangerously too high. What can we do if he is right?
By Michael D. Lemonick

Growing Vertical: Skyscraper Farming
Cultivating crops in downtown skyscrapers might save bushels of energy and provide city dwellers with distinctively fresh food
By Mark Fischetti

Eco-Cities: Urban Planning For The Future
Massive developments proposed for the U.S., China and Abu Dhabi aim to reduce or even eliminate the environmental cost of city living
By David Biello

In-Depth Report
Earth 3.0
Solutions to environmental problems ranging from global warming to peak oil–and how the environment is playing a role in this year’s elections

To Drill or Not to Drill? Energy Policy Surfaces in Colorado’s Senate Race
Politicians, environmentalists and industry clash over the leasing of public lands for natural gas drilling on Colorado’s rugged Roan Plateau

California’s Political Environment May Prove Too Toxic for Green Energy Propositions
Myriad special interests combined with state budget woes mire two environmentally friendly ballot initiatives

Where Do the Presidential Candidates Stand on Environment and Energy?
From drilling for oil to climate change, the answers may surprise you

From The Editor

Introducing Earth 3.0


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