Green Manitoba

Green Manitoba, an agency of the Government of Manitoba, strives to create “a greener and cleaner Manitoba” by bringing together “all partners to achieve more than if each acted alone.”

Green Manitoba delivers programs to foster environmental innovation and community
development. This includes community-based approaches to promote waste
reduction and the efficient use of water and energy, and focusing in
the immediate term on several waste minimization priorities.

Visit the Green Manitoba website, or click on the links to their various programs below:

The Green Schools Initiative program provides
plenty of useful tips and ideas on how your school can become more
green and sustainable.

The purpose of the E-waste program is to collect the residential E-waste generated by Manitoba
communities and to ensure that the products collected are reused where
possible and all scrap
material is sent for proper recycling.

There is a very high and growing demand from Manitobans for collection and management of household hazardous waste. Last
year, nearly 500,000
kilograms of waste was dropped off at the 30 collection events held
across the province. The depots provide opportunity for citizens who
wish to manage their waste appropriately until a more permanent
industry led solution can be found.

Green Manitoba is working to establish key partnerships to
encourage Manitoba’s small business sector to adopt sustainable practices and behaviours. The
core objective of the Smart Shops program is to deliver cost-effective
energy and water efficiency and waste management solutions to small
commercial businesses.

Manitoba has partnered with Gimli Youth Community Partnership (YCP) to
undertake a water usage measurement project in the town of Gimli.
This project would educate 100 householders on water conservation
issues, and the wide community via displays and newspaper reporting.

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