Saskatchewan’s Environmental Technology Sector Continues to Grow

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Saskatoon – An alternative energy technology has been approved for Go Green funding through the Ministry of Environment. Titan Clean Energy Projects Corporation of Saskatoon will use $160,250 of Green Technology Commercialization Grant funding to help in bringing its biomass briquetting technology to market.

“In keeping with this government’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we are proud to support Titan Clean Energy Projects in commercializing this exciting technology,” Environment Minister Nancy Heppner said.
“This is another example of a Saskatchewan company leading the way to sustainable living and cleaner energy sources.”

The process will turn waste agricultural and forestry biomass, such as oat hulls, into a carbon-neutral heat and energy source for traditional coal consumers. Use of the waste biomass in this way will also reduce emissions of methane that would normally occur through decomposition. The product may also be used in woodstoves as a high-energy, eco-friendly alternative to firewood.

With the potential to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 35,000 tonnes annually – the equivalent of taking more than 8,000 cars off the road for one year – this technology is a practical example of a low carbon energy source.

The Government of Saskatchewan more than doubled Go Green funding in the spring budget to a total of $17.5 million. This will strengthen the ability of the province’s people, businesses and communities to develop viable clean energy options.

“The Green Initiatives Fund is helping Saskatchewan companies turn ideas into products and processes that respond to everyone’s concern for the environment,” Titan Clean Energy Projects CEO Jamie Bakos said. “We are excited to move into the next phase with this technology. It will give high energy-consuming operations a cleaner option as they reduce their carbon footprint.”

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