Energizing Solar Hot Water in B.C

solarbc.jpgThe SolarBC program will integrate five projects targeting individual households, government buildings, first nations groups, social housing, and schools; and will see all levels of government, non-profits and industry stakeholders come together to collaborate on a solar hot water strategy with critical and long-lasting results. This initiative will also leverage the federal ecoEnergy funds that have been secured by three separate projects in B.C. A few of the tangible outcomes of this initiative are: a measurable reduction in CO2 and other key greenhouse gas emissions; displacement of traditional electricity and natural gas; generation of electricity; creation of jobs; economic growth in communities; and the creation of Solar Communities across B.C.
Solar water heating systems fit well in the built environment and adds little to our ecological footprint. Most equipment is made of locally available and recyclable materials: glass, plastic, copper, aluminum, wood, and steel. These systems typically offset fossil fuel combustion, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants. Systems can help reduce peak loads, thereby postponing or preventing the need for additional baseload energy generation and distribution infrastructure, such as new hydroelectric dams, coal-fired power generation stations, and underwater electrical cables.
For more information on SolarBC, you can visit: www.solarbc.ca

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