Ontario’s Green Future

Every nuclear construction project in the past 25 years in Ontario has gone massively over budget.
Now Ontario energy planners are calling for massive new spending on
nuclear energy. But their cost estimates are less than half those of
the experts at Moody’s Investors Service. And we are all on the hook
for nuclear’s runaway costs, paying a nuclear debt surcharge on every kilowatt of electricity we use.

It’s time to end nuclear’s free ride.


This campaign is a grassroots effort coordinated by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.
We believe that the people of Ontario will have a brighter future if we
embrace an eco-efficient energy system and move away from the costly
big power status quo.

You can get
involved by volunteering with the campaign, passing literature to your
friends, coworkers and family, linking to this website, or by making a
financial contribution. Be sure to sign our petition and download a copy to circulate in your community, workplace or school.

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