Electric Cars Potentially Coming to Vancouver

A zero-emissions vehicle that’s simple to operate, requires limited “fuel”, and is easy on the wallet in light of skyrocketing gas prices? Yes! A new “electronic toy”? Okay, it’s cool too.
Vancouver could become the second city in B.C. to have electric cars on its roads. City council may amend city bylaws to permit low-speed vehicles (LSV) on streets with a speed limit of 50 Km or lower. A decision may be made by the end of September.
“Bridge speed limits are 60 km/h an hour in the City of Vancouver, but city staff are discussing lowering that limit so the cars can be driven everywhere within city boundaries”, says Vancouver sustainability planner Brian Beck in an interview with The Globe and Mail.
An alternative, proposed by Don Chandler, president of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, would be for “the city [to] consider allowing the cars in the right-hand lane on bridges.”
Oak Bay, BC, a bedroom community of Victoria on Vancouver Island, changed its bylaws this past Summer.
See GlobalTV BC’s September 26th coverage at:


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Did you know that the first electric car in Vancouver was the 1912 Detroit Electric? The Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) has a photo of the car, which is housed at the Stave Falls BC Hydro powerhouse museum, near Mission, BC at 31338 Dewdney Trunk Road.

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