‘No Oil Tankers’: Sign the Petition, Write the Media

The ‘No Tankers’ rally in Sidney, B.C., on September 20th is a reminder of the potential threat oil tankers bring to B.C.’s coastlines. Should an oil spill occur, NoTankers.ca points to extreme difficulty in the clean up of a deeply indented coastline, a threat to over 20 at-risk and endangered species, and devastation of community livelihoods in tourism and fishing industries.
Dogwood Initiatives urges those who attended to write about the event and the issues surrounding oil tankers. Write to one or all of the following news media:

For those who did not attend the rally, it’s encouraged that you voice your concerns by writing to the abovementioned and signing the NoTankers.ca petition at: http://www.notankers.ca/sign
Julian West, NDP candidate for this October’s 2008 federal election representing the Saanich-Gulf Islands riding, was on hand at the rally to deliver a speech. Watch West, formerly a Green Party candidate in the 1996 B.C. election, describe the environmental and social impact of oil tankers on B.C.’s coastal communities:

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