4th Annual Environmental Employer of the Year Awards Open for Entry

The 2009 Environmental Employer of the Year Awards are officially open and accepting candidates. This is the 4th year that environmental companies will be recognized for their excellence in human resource areas of employee growth and recognition by the Awards administration body, ECO Canada. ECO Canada is the country’s leading authority on environmental human resources.
“We want to celebrate human resource achievements in an industry that continues to expand and continues to have high expectations of both companies and employees,” commented Grant Trump, President and CEO of ECO Canada. “The awards provide companies the opportunity to engage their staff and gain vital feedback on HR practices. This contributes greatly to the continued growth and vitality of Canada’s environment industry.”
The Environmental Employer of the Year Awards are designed to both recognize excellence and inspire advancement and innovation for outstanding HR practices.
“This is an era where employees have a lot of choices. Employees are selecting who they want to work for, they are selecting the company. As an employer we have to find ways to retain good employees by creating a workplace that is challenging, encouraging and rewarding. Receiving the Environmental Employer of the Year Award is a great honour. I take pride in this award because it is the voice of our employees. They have recognized us as a top employer which is exactly where we want to be” said Faramarz Bogzaran, President and CEO of SLR Consulting (Canada) Ltd. which won the 2008 Environmental Employer of the Year Awards in the large company category.
Companies can apply within two categories: small- to medium-sized company (15-50 employees) and large company (51+ employees). Award finalists will be judged by an independent selection committee consisting of human resource professionals in the community.
The application deadline is Friday, October 17th, 2008.
Full eligibility requirements and application forms can be found at

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