Vote For Climate launches national strategic voting campaign today

Vote for Climate – Choose your Future


Vancouver – The federal election call has triggered the launch of Vote For Climate, an effort to encourage strategic voting in ridings across the country. The campaign hopes to reduce vote splitting among progressive parties in order to elect a “climate-friendly” alternative to the current Conservative government.

The campaign targets 34 Conservative ridings that were close races in the last election in an effort to shift those seats to the Liberals, NDP, Greens or Bloc. The campaign also targets 46 ridings held by the Liberals, NDP, Greens or Bloc and encourages voters to help those sitting MP’s hold their seats.

If the campaign is successful the result will be a Liberal minority government.

The targeted ridings can be seen on this interactive map:

The campaign web site, provides a hub through which voters in each riding can organise their own grassroots Vote for Climate campaigns. The site also provides tools and strategies to help local voters get organised.

“The Harper government’s record on global warming is a failure built on finger pointing and avoidance,” said Kevin Washbrook, Vote for Climate spokesperson. “Unfortunately, he doesn’t have to convince anyone that he cares about global warming. He just has to cross his fingers and hope that concerned citizens split their votes among the other parties. We can’t afford four more years of government indifference on this issue. This election is our chance to elect a government that cares about our children’s futures and the health of the planet.”

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For further information please contact:

Kevin Washbrook
Vote for Climate spokesperson

Vote for Climate is a grassroots campaign to elect a federal government committed to bold action to reduce the emissions which cause climate change. We are not seasoned political operators, nor are we affiliated with any political party — we are just a group of Canadians who feel compelled to help replace our current Conservative government with a climate-friendly one. We do have experience in grassroots organizing and campaigning and we believe that concerned citizens working together at the riding level will make the difference in this election.

4 thoughts on “Vote For Climate launches national strategic voting campaign today

  1. -“Both Norway and Sweden have had a carbon tax plan since the early 1990s.
    According to an April 29, 2008 Guardian article, Sweden cut its overall carbon emissions by nine per cent between 1990 and 2006. Its economy grew by 44 per cent in that period.”-
    “Since the early 1990s”?!?!,what in gods name is the freakin holdup Canada???!!!.
    It is now >2008


  2. 6 million votes every year elect no one.
    Strategic voting is a problem caused by a disfunctional voting system. Most Western democracies abandoned our voting system 50-100 years ago.
    Until we get real reform, you can make your vote count by strategic voting. Pair voting is a new, more effective twist on strategic voting. Check out


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