Green Printer: Saving Trees and Printing Green

Green Printer busts three myths about recycled paper and saves customers 74,645 pounds of greenhouse gases – Written by guest writer Olga Orda

GreenPrinter.gifAt a time when the commercial printing industry in North America is struggling and Quebecor, the largest printing company in the nation, filed for bankruptcy in January 2008, Green Printer, an eco-friendly printing company, is sitting green and pretty.

“In light of where the industry is, the fact that a commercial printer like us grew to 2,000 clients since we began one year ago is a major achievement,” says Green Printer Vice-President Alen Rokolj.

In addition to being able to choose from a range of FSC-certified, recycled or 100% post-consumer waste fiber paper among brands like ChorusArt Silk, ENVIRONMENT®, The Save-A-Tree®, Astrolite PC and many others, each client can, thanks to Green Printer’s “Eco-Calculator“, find out exactly how much greenhouse gas and trees they can save by choosing Green Printer for their printing needs.

Using sources from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), Green Printer estimates its customers saved 74,645 pounds of greenhouse gases and 38,116 pounds of solid waste since the eco-friendly printing company opened in June 2007.

But Green Printer is not ready to stop there.

This October 2008, print shops across North America will be offered the Green Printer (“licensor”) brand and the full line of recycled papers to its customers. Licensees or affiliates in Green Printer’s brand would be able to benefit from:

• Green Printer’s proprietary, high volume online ordering software with Google capabilities to automatically track shipment orders, generate quotes 24/7 and identify venues to print locally, thus saving transportation-driven greenhouse gases.
• Green Printer’s stand alone, eco-friendly printing service and all of Green Printer’s premium, C02-friendly and recycled papers.
• Ensure all printing confirms to Green Printer’s rigorous environmental standards.
• Green the North American print industry by changing the purchasing habits of large-scale print buyers.

Meanwhile, Green Printer’s blog continues to debunk the many myths around environmentally-preferable printing, including the fact that the paper production industry is low on the greenhouse gas emitter totem pole, buying recycled paper does not really help climate change and that recycled paper is too expensive or too “granola” to appeal to major print procurers.

Few are aware that when it comes to addressing climate change, recycled paper plays a significant role. Consider that:

• Paper that ends ups in landfills instead of being recycled gives off methane which has a warming effect 23 times greater than carbon dioxide.
• Based on an Environmental Protection Network (EPN) study, one-third of all waste in landfills is paper and landfills account for 34 percent of human-related methane emissions.
• According to the non-profit Green Press Initiative program, recycled fiber emits 38 percent less GHGs than traditional paper, uses 44 percent less energy and saves up to 34 mature trees for every ton replacing virgin fiber.

About Green Printer
Green Printer offers the widest range of affordable, eco-friendly printing products in North America. Customers like the University of British Columbia, Re/Max, Aveda, Lush, Best Western Hotels and many others benefit from Green Printer’s real-time quotes, customized eco-savings statements printed on the back of all marketing material, Green Printer’s “eco-calculator“, easy-to-use document templates, eco-audits and convenient, North American shipping with FedEx. Non-profits benefit from a 10% discount on all orders.


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