Car Heaven Redefines How Canadians Think of the Number 19

TORONTO, Aug. 19 /CNW/ – When most Canadians think of the number 19, things that come to mind include: the age when most Canadians can legally consume alcohol, the atomic number for potassium and Steve Yzerman’s retired hockey jersey number, just to name a few. However, Clean Air Foundation wants Canadians to associate the number 19 with something else – air pollutants. After recent consultation with Environment Canada, Clean Air Foundation’s signature Car Heaven program recently reported that a car built before 1995 emits 19 times more smog-forming emissions than 2004 and newer vehicles – now that’s something to think about.
“This truly is a staggering fact,” said Ersilia Serafini, Executive Director of the Clean Air Foundation. “Our hope is that Canadians will hear this shocking statistic and really take a close look at the vehicle they are driving and the impact it is having on our environment. If Canadians are driving cars made before 1995, it’s time to make a change and find a more environmentally-friendly means of transportation.”
Clean Air Foundation is urging Canadians to take advantage of the Car Heaven program and get rewarded for permanently retiring their old, higher-polluting vehicles. Car Heaven is a national initiative dedicated to reducing emissions, improving air quality and protecting the climate by getting old, higher-polluting cars permanently off the road. The program is designed to reward and make it easy for Canadians to donate their old clunkers to be properly recycled.
Car Heaven has a wide range of incentives for participants including a free vehicle tow, a charitable tax receipt, $750 towards a new General Motors car, a free transit pass, a discounted car-share program membership, or rebates on the purchase of bicycles. All participants are also guaranteed that their car will be recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.
With one-third of the vehicles driven in Canada accounting for two-thirds of the smog created, Car Heaven isn’t just interested in cars built before 1995; it wants all older, higher-polluting cars off the road. The program welcomes all ‘live’ vehicles that are in running condition and have been registered and issued with the current owner for the past six months. Cars that are not running, not registered or uninsured are accepted but are not eligible for any incentives other than a free tow and a charitable tax receipt.
Since 2000, Car Heaven has retired and responsibly recycled over 80,000 old vehicles, preventing over 4,300 tonnes of smog-forming and over 41,000 tonnes of carbon monoxide emissions. In addition, the program has raised over $3 million for Canadian charities.
About Car Heaven
Car Heaven operates across all Canadian provinces and offers potential donors the free tow of their retired vehicle (valued at up to $200), a charitable tax receipt from one of Car Heaven’s affiliated charities (minimum $50), and the guarantee that their old vehicle is recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. In addition, Car Heaven donors may be eligible to receive $750 towards the purchase of a new GM vehicle, free
transit passes, discounted car-share program memberships and rebates on the purchase of bicycles. See for more details.

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