Effects of Alberta Oilsands – Mutated Fish

A deformed fish with two mouths was found by children off the dock at Lake Athabasca, Alberta. Ironic, given that the incident occurred just days before a ‘Keepers of the Water’ conference in Fort Chipewyan.
The conference, held August 15-17. “brought together western and northern Canadian aboriginal leaders and environmental activists, all of whom expressed concern with the quality of water in the Athabasca River, downstream from oilsands development in Fort McMurray,” according to a CBC news report. It follows the June annoucement by Health Canada and the Alberta Cancer Board to launch a study into reports of cancer. Fort Chipewyan residents claim that the cancer is tied to oilsands development polluting drinking water.
Read the full article, ‘Mutated Fish Alarms Delegates at North Alta. Water Gathering‘, by CBC at:

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