Lindsay Coulter: Suzuki’s Queen of Green

Lindsay Coulter: Suzuki’s Queen of Green
Get how-to-tips on gardening, summer recipes, home made cosmetics, and enviroment-friendly cleaning tips, and more!

From the David Suzuki Web site:

Lindsay Coulter is the Nature Conservation Outreach Coordinator and Suzuki’s Queen of Green with the David Suzuki Foundation, leading a campaign to protect British Columbia’s rich biodiversity. In addition to her species work, and ever since her own environment-friendly wedding in 2006, Lindsay regularly provides media commentary on everyday, green living practices.
Prior to joining the Foundation, she collected data in the boreal forest, spent time as a park interpreter, and worked in private land stewardship in Alberta’s grasslands. In 2005, a move to B.C. saw her work with the South Coast Conservation Program on species at risk in the Lower Mainland.
Lindsay has worked on wildlife and ecology issues since completing her zoology degree at the University of Alberta in 1999. Crafty in the kitchen, she has started a small business of homemade “green” cleaning products and safe cosmetics.

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