Eco-Friendly Fashions at Affordable Prices


As green clothing retailer Fashion & Earth gears up its inventory of organic clothing for its September opening, shoppers can sign up to receive notifications and an early bird discount at

Emyvale – Green clothing continues to rise in popularity, but still many shoppers are held back by a lack of variety in designs coupled with high prices. Fashion & Earth, a green clothing retailer, is about to change that with the launch of its new website The company is determined to make eco-friendly fashions accessible to everyone who has ever wanted to buy organic clothing but hasn’t been able to find suitable options. Set to open for clothing sales in September this year, will be a one-stop-shop bringing together a variety of popular brands under one roof selling eco-friendly fashions and green clothing at affordable prices.

“Finding green clothing that’s stylish, affordable and lasts well can be a challenge,” says Adrian Desbarats, president of Fashion & Earth. “Even though many people want to make clothing choices that are healthier for themselves and also better for the planet, they don’t always know where to turn. We aim to make it easier for everybody to access high-quality eco-friendly fashions that look and feel great to offer a truly sustainable solution to the environmental problems of the traditional garment industry.”

The green clothing site will feature stylish yet comfortable everyday basics and career-wear including tops, jeans, jackets and shoes, as well as dresses, skirts and accessories from a variety of socially and environmentally responsible brands. The brands are subject to a stringent evaluation process to ensure alignment with Fashion & Earth’s requirements for organic fabrics, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and fair trade practices, in addition to undergoing what Desbarats calls the “everyday person” test. “We aim to carry green clothing items that the everyday person loves to wear and can afford to buy,” he says. “The quality and fit of the organic clothing we offer means these garments will quickly become wardrobe favorites that can hold up over time.”

Prices are expected to range between $30 and $120 for women’s eco-friendly fashion tops and sweaters, and pants and jeans are expected to run between $60 and $100. To help make its eco-friendly clothing even more affordable, will offer free shipping on all orders, including for returned items. Says Desbarats, “These prices are similar to what a shopper might expect to pay for quality conventional clothing. But Fashion & Earth offers the added peace of mind that all the clothing is organic and fair trade. So, you can look good and do good at the same time.”

To be among the first to shop the affordable lines of organic clothing and also receive a special offer of 20 percent off when the store opens in September, shoppers can visit and join the company’s mailing list. The company is already making available information to the public including its policies and additional information of interest such as the types of green fabrics used in its organic clothing, how to recycle used clothing, etc.

While the eco-friendly fashion retail website will be launching a selection of women’s clothing in September, men’s and children’s green clothing lines won’t be far behind. “We expect to make available green clothing for the entire family by the end of 2009, as we also continually expand our women’s line,” noted Desbarats.

About Fashion & Earth

A green clothing retailer looking to make organic clothing choices easier for online shoppers, Fashion & Earth draws together exciting brands at with two-way free shipping that delivers throughout North America in as little as three days. Launching in September 2008, the site offers a range of eco-friendly fashions including tops, jeans, jackets, dresses, shoes and accessories. A stringent environmental policy ensures that each green clothing brand adheres to requirements for organic fabrics, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and fair trade practices, so consumers can shop eco-friendly fashions confidently. Five percent of the company’s profits are pledged to help the earth. Fashion and Earth serves shoppers across North America from picturesque Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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