Inspiring “the green…” web sites

When we first registered our .ca domain name (back then .ca domain name rules were pretty strict), we were worried that prepostioning GreenPages with “the” would be somewhat difficult for visitors to immediately grasp….
“What is your web site address again?”
“it’s www. The Green Pages dot ca.”
“Ohh, http://www.greenpages….?”
“Um, nope…it’s THE green pages…”
“Oh right…!!!!”
Anyhow, over the past few years, the tendency to ignore the word “the” in our URL address has decreased ( seems to be doing well) and we have seen a number of other web sites pop up on the web that have taken the “the” route as well.
Here they are:
The Green Room –
A blog about Green Living, made easy from the David Suzuki Foundation (go Eli!)
Ecosource’s Green Guide thegreenguide –
A website showcasing the community options about becoming more environmentally responsible citizens in the Region of Peel (my hometown).
thegreenpursuit –
An online community where people can post comments, editorials, and videos related to the environment (congrats Davin, Cynthia et al.)
The Green Shift –
The Liberal Party of Canada’s plan for the environment and the economy.
Green Pages Australia –
Australia’s most comprehensive eco-directory
SFU Green Pages –
All that is green from Simon Fraser University. They don’t technically have “the” in there but they have the rest.
The Green Guide –
Green living tips, product reviews, environmental health news from the folks at National Geographic
The Green Office –
Dedicated to modeling the best-practices of sustainable business
The Green Career Show –
An annual event where job-seekers can talk to experts, learn about education options, meet employers, and listen to guest speakers, share advice and tell their stories of career success in the growing green economy.


One thought on “Inspiring “the green…” web sites

  1. We just wanted to drop a line from your sister “The Green Pages” in Australia. We of course, face your hardships and struggles…for example do you say “thee” Green Psges or “tha” Green Pages etc.
    Love the work you guys do by the way. Would you care to comment on the recent unfortunate story on the rather sorry state of Canada’s environmental record? Either ways it’s great to see individual companies doing so much to communicate green.
    Feel free to get in touch.
    Warm Regards,
    THE Green Pages Australia


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