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The Coalition was established as a partnership between a number of agencies located in Iqaluit with a mandate or interest in wildlife management in Nunavut. This partnership has expanded over the years and now includes 6 locations: the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board, the Department of Environment (Government of Nunavut), Nunavut Research Institute, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Government of Canada), Canadian Wildlife Service (Government of Canada), and Department of Economic Development and Transportation (Government of Nunavut). The collection of resource material in each agency’s library/resource centre is catalogued into a common database, which currently holds over 7,000 records.

The collections focus on Nunavut and Arctic regions; the main subject areas are wildlife research and management, fisheries research and management, environmental protection, conservation, contaminants, sustainable development, social research, and economic development. The Reports included are from licensed research done in Nunavut since 1995.

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