Going Green – Vancouver Sun

Transport Canada rules finish off electric car
Danny Epp looks out at the seven shiny new electric commuter cars parked in his driveway, the last vestiges of the Dynasty corporation, a small Canadian firm that designed and engineered the vehicle from scratch and built it at a small plant outside Vancouver with all-Canadian parts.
Web site: http://www.zenncars.com/
Problem of population growth needs to be met
The most frightening — and fascinating — thing I know is a graph of human population growth over the past millennium. Starting in about 1800, the curve suddenly spikes almost straight upward, and this incredible growth in human numbers continues today. In my lifetime alone, population has increased by over four billion people. And thanks to technological innovations and cheap oil, the impact of each person on the globe has increased even faster.
Couple grows an ecovillage on saltspring
Backing onto hundreds of acres of wild public land, towering mountains and sandy beaches is the home of Jan Steinman and Carol Wagner, the first residents at Saltspring Island’s very own ecovillage. Here life is lived a bit differently since it is a life that includes thoughts of the future.
Web Site: http://www.ecoreality.org
Ontario restaurant blazes a green trail
MABERLY, Ont. – A drive through the countryside along Highway 7 west of Perth, Ont., is an inspiring postcard moment when all the rugged beauty of the Canadian shield unfolds before you. Ours really is a beautiful country, for the most part unspoiled by garish billboards and thoughtless graffiti on the faces of imposing granite rock.
Web site: http://www.fallriverpubandgrill.ca/
Carbon tax? Cap and trade? What does it all mean?
The passing into law last month of the federal Climate Change Accountability Act has put pressure on Ottawa to design a national strategy to decrease drastically our greenhouse gas emissions.
Editor’s Note: a really good primer on what these two economic approaches mean.
Ten upcoming fuel-friendly cars
If you are planning a new car purchase but are not in a rush, these fuel-gentle cars expected to arrive in the next year may be worth putting on your list. Here’s a look at these future green-car contenders.

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