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I walked into my local Capers Market and picked up a free copy of Alive Magazine (errr…I hope it was free). Feist was on the cover and I must say the new format of the magazine looks much better….

About alive Magazine (from their web site:

For more than 30 years, alive magazine has been Canada’s
recognized leader in the field of health and wellness. Every month
hundreds of thousands of people turn to the latest issue of alive
to keep themselves up to date with current trends in natural health.
People who want to take control over one of the most important
contributors to a good life-their health-use alive as their indispensable resource.


At alive, we
hope to be your trusted source for any health-related information. From
nutrition, herbal medicine, and homeopathy to Pilates, weight loss, and
emotional well-being, it is our commitment to provide you with the most
well-researched and relevant articles that we can. It is our sincere
conviction that the best way to ensure your optimal health is to
empower you with the knowledge that you need to make informed decisions
about you and your family’s wellness.

Featured Articles…

BC’$ Carbon Tax
Sometimes we need to view a problem with our own eyes to appreciate its gravity. For British Columbia’s Premier Gordon Campbell, a trip to smog-choked Beijing helped him to understand the impact our actions have on the environment.

Detox the Bathroom
Smart advertising has led many of us to believe we need a different product to clean each fixture in our bathrooms. In reality we need only three ingredients to get the job done: white vinegar, baking soda, and water (plus lemons if you want a nice smell).

Grooming Your Grounds
Natural lawn care is not simply a choice between good and bad gardening products. It is a philosophical shift to a new relationship with your lawn, working with, rather than against, the ecosystem of your garden.

Water–The Precious Oil of the 21st Century
is a public trust and a basic human right. We cannot live without it.
Like air, water should never be considered “goods” to be traded and
sold on the world market; yet the North American Free Trade Agreement
(NAFTA) has left our water wide open to exploitation. Canada’s water is
in crisis.

The Nature Challenge
we read about health issues in the newspaper or seestories on TV, the
focus is almost always on the potential benefits of the latest medical
“breakthrough,” such as an exciting new drug, technique or technology.

A Weekend at a Health Show
few weeks ago, I attended a health show in Victoria with a friend and,
upon reflection, it was a very rich way to share time together! The
exhibit floor Was animated with lots of sights, sounds, colors and
tastes, and the seminars were information-packed and inspiring.
What is Adaptation?
human body is brilliantly designed. A complex and miprehensive network
of psychological, neurological, emflfcrinological and immunological
mechanisms maintain good health and equilibrium called “homeostasis.”
Making a Difference
Cullis-Suzuki’s brightest moment was probably at the Rio Earth Summit,
where the then 12-year-old Severn delivered a powerful speech to the
political representatives. However, her first environmental and social
justice work began at an even younger age.
Introducing alive Around the World
alive, it is our goal and privilege to bring you up-to-date research
and information on health and wellness to improve the quality of your
lives. Our intent is to raise awareness regarding natural and
preventive approaches to healthcare.
Siegfried Gursche
30 years natural health pioneer Siegfried Gursche has retired from his
position as the publisher of alive. While no longer at the helm of the
nation’s much-loved natural health publication, his entrepreneurial
spirit lives on as the magazine continues to inform and educate.
Schools Embrace Nature
Monday morning, bright-eyed kindergarten and grade one students from
South Carvolth Environmental School in Langley, BC, trek through
Campbell Valley Regional Park to check out what’s new this week.
Giving Something Back
to Chantal Kreviazuk’s music is always, for me, an inspiring experience
so intense that I can easily lose track of time. While writing this
article, I am listening to her 2002 album What If It All Means
Something. She has a unique gift–a divine voice.
One Woman’s Dream Becomes Every Child’s “Right to Play”
comes naturally to all children. But not all children are able to climb
that ladder to the top of the slide, nor can they hold on tightly as
the merry-go-round spins.
Nature Does It
Bateman is not only an internationally acclaimed Canadian artist who
paints wildlife, he also has a high profile as a conservationist,
environmentalist, and naturalist. Bateman lives by his
convictions–caring for the planet, for his art, and for his own and his
loved ones’ health, naturally.
Low Energy Lights
of colourful lights illuminate the night air, shining iridescently
through snow-covered bushes and trees and casting a romantic glow.
However, times have changed since Edison’s incandescent light bulb
moment in 1879, and the rising cost of energy and our environmental
responsibilities are taking some of the romance out of extravagant
light displays.
The End of Food
Pawlick delivers an in-depth exposé of the food industry with the
comfort and candour of a neighbourly farmer/investigator who might be
seated at our dinner table.
Our Toxic Nation
than 23,000 chemicals are registered for use in Canada and each year
this number grows. Obviously, some exposures we can’t prevent. But
every attempt is worthwhile, says Environmental Defence (ED), a
Toronto-based organization that has recently released eye-opening data
on the chemical burden we face.
Taking Care of Business by Taking Care of People
and the workplace have come a long way. Today a healthy, positive, and
enriching workplace is increasingly valued by employers and employees
alike. The bottom line is that workplace wellness is good for the
bottom line.
Deep Heating
energy doesn’t always lend itself easily to the urban environment. In
the city the skyscraper across the street can compromise the solar
installation of your dreams. Nearby neighbours cringe when you mention
your backyard wind-farm idea. Now geothermal heat pumps may offer the
solution you need.
Ways You can Help Clean Up the Earth
you carry a reusable lunch bag? Buy recycled computer paper for your
printer? Prepare vegetarian meals once or twice a week? In other words,
are you concerned enough about the environment that you’re doing
something to protect it and the humans and animals that live within it?
The Good Kitchen
is nothing nicer than a clean, neat, well-equipped kitchen. Your
kitchen is the heart of your home. Whether you are remodelling your
kitchen or installing a new one, there is much to consider about the
best choices for you and your family.
Ethical Funds
morning I began writing this article, I was at a familiar haunt
dressing two grande mild coffees. Touch of cream, milk, and one sugar.
A nearby brochure caught my eye. Entitled “Starbucks commitment to
social responsibility,” it set out the guiding principles this megacorp
now supports.
Saving on Insurance
and health insurance companies want you to live a long, healthy life.
But are their motives altogether altruistic? Insurance companies are in
the business of maximizing profits, and it stands to reason that the
healthier you are and the longer you live, the more money they make.
Consumer-Driven Evolution
was once considered a fringe industry has now become a mega
money-maker–no surprise to alive readers. Drop into any drugstore or
supermarket and you’ll find energy drinks and organics where you once
found cigarettes.
Don’t Turn a Blind Eye
Angels responded to the Pakistan earthquake, Hurricane Katrina, and the Guatemalan flood.
Here Comes the (eco-savvy) Bride
the knot? There are many ways to make your wedding environmentally
friendly. Here are 12 tips to make your special day sustainable as well
as unforgettable.
Panda Approved
is tough. Bamboo is strong–it’s one of the strongest building materials
in the world. Yet despite its strength, when made into clothing, bamboo
is softer than the softest cotton and smoother than the smoothest silk.
Luxe Linens
and bathing are two daily rituals. We snuggle between our bedsheets
every night and towel our bodies dry after our daily shower or bath.
But what do we really know about the fabrics in our bed and bath
linens? For most of us, the answer is, not much at all.
Cool Canada
Christmas was more hectic than holiday. As we rushed from visiting the
in-laws to dinner at my parents’ house, I asked, “Wouldn’t it be nice
if we could get away next Christmas?” Without missing a beat, my
husband responded, “Yes, but could we get enough time off?”
Corn Kernels of Truth
to start a conversation about bean sprouts or broccoli at a party and
watch those around you drift off toward the punchbowl. But launch into
a discussion on corn and you could find yourself smack in the middle of
a raging debate.
Pharmed Rice
calls it cannibal rice–a genetically engineered grain containing human
proteins that poses health and environmental hazards–but the company
developing this product calls it a lifesaving treatment; their company
website refers to it as a Holy Grail.
Modern Mud Huts
no wonder straw bale, rammed earth, and hempcrete homes are getting
more popular: they’re low maintenance, rodent-proof, fire-resistant,
eco-friendly, and healthier than conventional houses. These modern mud
huts, or green houses, are popping up all over Canada–and they’re
slowly edging their way into the mainstream.
Walking the Enviromental Talk
one thing to talk the talk; it’s quite another to walk it. What would
you be willing to give up to save the environment? Paper napkins?
Takeout food? Cable TV? Refrigeration? Driving? Vanessa Farquharson has
given up all of these things for a year, at least.
Ecoholic; The Virtuous Consumer
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then these two writers
must adore each other’s work. Both Vasil and Garrett have authored
shopping guides that alert readers to the hidden perils of daily
consumer choices. Never before have I seen two books so alike in
content, form, and intent.
Step Lightly On the Planet
the debates that rage about climate change and sustainability, many of
us remain unaware of our personal load on the planet. The idea of an
ecological footprint was explicitly designed to raise that load to
consciousness using simple concepts that everyone
understands–consumption, pollution, and land.
Celebrate Your Right to Dry
This month I’m putting it all on the line. The clothes line, that is.
Passionate About Compost
has an effect on me unlike any other thing I do. It makes me feel
virtuous to create something valuable from what many people consider
mere garbage.
Green Dry Cleaners
scouring the racks for that perfect outfit, you get home only to
discover the “dry clean only” tag–and your heart sinks. Not only is the
dry cleaning process expensive but it’s also harmful to the
environment, your health, and the health of your entire family.
Detox Your Living Room
furniture, lighting, and textiles that decorate our living rooms can
take a toll on our health and the environment. The way we clean this
room each week is also important.
Are We Smart Enough to Be Sustainable?
the evidence for intelligent life on Earth? Would an intelligent
species, one capable of rational thought and forward planning, persist
in doing something from which it gains nothing and, in the process,
undermine its own existence?
Exposing Hidden Agenda
Some things in life just aren’t what they seem. This is particularly so in the case of astroturfing.

Visit their web site:

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