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epost-graphic.jpgCanadians are making environmentally conscious decisions in our every day lives, from reusing plastic shopping bags, to hanging clothes outside to dry in order to play our part in the fight against climate change. There is something else we can do to add to our arsenal to continue to lower our carbon footprint.
epost, Canada Post’s online bill delivery service allows Canadians to receive, view and store their household bills and financial statements online. Recently, epost has partnered with WWF-Canada to show Canadians how using this online resource can decrease their carbon footprint and amount of paper they use in a year. For example, if every one of Canada’s 12 million households registered five bills, more than 475,000 trees could be saved.
To see how much paper you can save, To see how many trees and minutes you can save by using epost, visit the web site and enter your information.
Canada Post’s online bill delivery service commits to raising $150,000 for WWF-Canada’s conservation efforts
Ottawa (July 7, 2008) epost, Canada Post’s online bill delivery service, today announced they will be working with WWF-Canada to raise money for The Good Life, an online community for Canadians who want to make simple but significant changes to help fight climate change and reduce their impact on the planet. epost will be donating $1 for the first 150,000 new registrants to their service.
“At Canada Post, we’re committed to finding ways to protect the environment and minimize our carbon footprint by providing greener choices, like epost, and earth-friendlier ideas for both consumers and businesses,” said Robert Waite, senior vice-president Corporate Social Responsibility, Canada Post. “Our goal with this promotion is to raise $150,000 towards the great work being done by WWF-Canada. In
support of The Good Life, we’re asking for Canadians’ to help by taking this one simple step.”
“Most of us recognize that we need to stop talking about the dangers of climate change and start doing something about it,” said Julia Langer, Director, Global Threats, WWF-Canada. “The Good Life is all about individuals taking simple steps every day to fight climate change, making it a perfect fit with epost. Individuals have the ability to make a significant difference by collectively making small changes in their own lives which will reduce greenhouse gases and lessen the impact of climate change.”
As an online bill delivery service, epost allows Canadians to securely receive, view and store their regular household bills and financial statements online, making the service one option to reduce the amount of paper entering homes. epost offers advantages beyond the environmental benefits. Simple and convenient, it’s a way to save time filing paper bills and bring order to home finance management (epost will even send payment reminders). Currently the program has more than 100 mailers (companies or organizations) sending bills or statements. Documents are securely stored for up to seven years, simplifying record keeping for Canadians.
“A modern post office means providing choices to customers; choice over what is received and where or how you receive it,” says Waite. “We hope more Canadians will embrace online bill delivery as a convenient and environmentally friendly choice.”
The fundraising campaign will run from July 7 to October 7, 2008.
To learn more about The Good Life or to join, please visit
To learn more about epost or to register, please visit


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