Vibrant Communities Calgary

Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) is a diverse multisectoral group of local community leaders working collaboratively to reduce poverty in Calgary.

We are part of a national network of communities across Canada who share ideas, practices and policies that strengthen their community-based poverty reduction initiatives.

VCC exists to ignite new community action to create and implement bold solutions that reduce and prevent poverty through collaboration and education. VCC believes all Calgarians
have a right to full participation in the family, social, economic and political life of their communities. We recognize that poverty limits this full participation

VCC develops and supports creative and innovative poverty reduction strategies in Calgary, knowing that combined diversity of experience and expertise will achieve results none of us
could achieve individually.

United Way of Calgary and Area and MCC Employment Development are the co-convenor organizations for Vibrant Communities Calgary. The VCC Steering Committee is cochaired
by representatives from The City of Calgary and Calgary Health Region.

Initiatives include:

Fair Fares

Fair Fares, an action team of Vibrant Communities Calgary, was formed
in late 2000 to address the affordable transportation needs of people
living on low incomes. Many of our low-income citizens cannot fully
participate in the social, economic and family life of their
communities because they cannot afford the transportation.

Living Wage

Living Wage is the amount of income an individual or family requires to
meet their basic needs, to maintain a safe, decent standard of living
in their communities and to save for future needs and goals.

Vibrant Workplaces

Vibrant Workplaces is predicated on the knowledge that healthy, happy
workers make for healthy, thriving businesses. We envision a vibrant
business community that is able to retain qualified staff and enjoy
greater employee loyalty and productivity.

Visit the web site:

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