Trans Canada


Trans Canada (formerly Commuter Connections) is a British Columbia based company. Our mandate is:
* To actively promote the development of rideshare programs;
* To promote the responsible use of automobiles by individuals; and
* To raise public awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of rideshare programs.
We began in 1992 by developing employer-based rideshare programs for provincial ministries, crown corporations and post-secondary institutions. This pioneering work earned the BC Hydro PowerSmart Award for Outstanding Achievement in Energy Conservation.
To complement these rideshare initiatives, staff worked with the Jack Bell Foundation to establish vanpool service on Vancouver Island in 1994. Our ability to attract corporate sponsors and to work cooperatively with municipalities and transit agencies enabled the program to grow from 1 to 35 vanpools by mid-1999.
In January 2000, received funding from the Climate Change Action Fund to establish the first Internet carpooling site in Canada. The web-enabled application quickly became a favourite resource for post-secondary institutions, large employers and transportation management associations throughout Canada.
For her pioneering work and continued success,’ Executive Director, Anne Marie Thornton received the Province of British Columbia’s 2002 Minister’s Environmental Award for Individual Citizenship.
Thousands of Canadians have used to form carpools and over 120 employers and post-secondary institutions rely on to manage their rideshare programs. We are experienced rideshare experts and Canada’s leading rideshare program.

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