Tantramar Wetlands Centre

tantramar-homepage_vert_3.jpgThe Tantramar Wetlands Centre is a community-based centre of wetlands education specializing in experiential programming aimed at public school students and teachers. Recognized nationally as a centre of excellence, this award-winning project provides exciting wetlands education experiences to over 4,000 visitors annually.
Tantramar Regional High School situated in the heart of the world-famous Tantramar Marshes has teamed up with Ducks Unlimited Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Service, New Brunswick’s Department of Natural Resources, the Town of Sackville and School District 02 to develop a centre of excellence in wetlands education. Known as the Tantramar Wetlands Centre, this unique indoor and outdoor facility offers students and visitors from throughout the Maritimes opportunities to experience the value of wetlands through innovative educational programming.
The Tantramar Wetlands Centre’s mission is to promote wetland conservation through effective public education aimed primarily at students and their teachers. Past human practices that have led to a loss of over half of our freshwater and 65% of our coastal wetlands and these vital habitats continue to disappear.
Education can be a powerful and effective tool to address these issues. As more individuals come to understand the ecological, social and economic contributions wetlands make (and what really cool places they are!!) not only do the consequences of wetland destruction become clear, but the opportunity and public interest in protecting these areas grows. The challenge is to provide the right kind of education programs – ones that will capture the minds and the hearts of the learners and form lasting, positive impressions concerning these important habitats. The Tantramar Wetlands Centre project is providing this type of experience through its ‘rubber boots’ approach to teaching and learning about wetlands and with the continued support of our partners it looks forward to doing so in the years ahead.
Promoting Environmental Stewardship
Long term, our goal is to become self-sustaining provider of outstanding environmental education programs for students, teachers, and the general public. Through ongoing habitat and site restoration and by building on its reputation for excellence, TWC strives to become a model of community-based, environmental education. To achieve these goals, TWC will continue to work with groups and individuals interested in promoting environmental stewardship through innovative and exciting educational experiences.
Visit their web site: http://www.weted.com

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