The IKEA Way


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When you think of IKEA, you might think of well-designed chairs, bookcases, or a comfy sofa. Aw, stop. We’re blushing. But behind our great furnishings, there’s a great story that goes into them. It’s our social and environmental responsibility program called The IKEA Way — our commitment to doing the right thing for our planet, and everyone on it.
The IKEA Way is our promise. We promise that we’re working towards having an overall positive impact on people and the environment. In other words, we’re going to be nice to people and nice to the planet. Sounds ambitious for a global company? It shouldn’t. We believe it’s just part of smart business, but more than that — it’s the right thing to do.
We’re all for being ‘green’ — it’s a lovely colour! — but it’s more than that. It’s about people too. And it’s not just one action or one product. After all, whoever heard of a movement that included just one act? It’s about everything we do. Our products. Who makes them. Where they come from. And even the way we ask you to buy them.
As we said, it’s a promise. Our word. Our pinky swear. And we take that seriously. So we have ways to make sure we keep setting and meeting our goals — Key Performance Indicators to measure our progress and dozens of partners like Tree Canada and UNICEF to advise us.
It’s our way. The IKEA Way. Although you probably won’t think of it every time you sit in our chairs, look in our bookcases or jump on our sofas, it’s built into everything we do. And by simply doing those things, you’re starting to help too.
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