National Pollution Prevention award goes to LOGical Creations Ltd.

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – It’s our biggest honour yet. Scott Pulvermacher, C.E.O. of Airdrie, Alberta based LOGical Creations, said of being given the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment Pollution Prevention award. The national award was presented by
Alberta,s Environment Minister the honourable Rob Renner on Wednesday June 11th during the 12th annual Canadian Pollution Prevention roundtable held in Edmonton, Alberta.
LOGical Creations was one of only 5 organizations honoured for demonstrating outstanding leadership in pollution prevention by implementing actions to reduce pollutants before they are released to the Canadian environment.
LOGical Creations manufactures custom log furniture made solely from recycled trees that have died naturally in the forest. Since the inception of the company they have implemented a zero waste policy. They compost all wood shavings and sawdust. They continue to lessen their environmental footprint through their uniquely sensitive
harvesting and manufacturing practices. “We only harvest those trees which have already died naturally in the forest. We harvest by hand using axes & hand saws and peel all of our logs manually.” explains Pulvermacher. “We air dry instead of using an electricity consuming drying kiln. All finishes are applied by hand rather then using a
We take great strides in our business decisions to ensure we keeping environmental well being in mind and our customers have taken notice of this. Our environmental initiatives have been our most successful marketing tool.? Pulvermacher announced proudly.
The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment established the Pollution Prevention Awards Program in 1997 to support CCME’s emphasis on preventing pollution at the source, rather than cleaning it up or treating it later. Over 60 companies have been recognized for their pollution prevention achievements over the life of the program.
LOGical Creations is very lucky to be supported by the city of Airdrie and the province of Alberta. Mayor Linda Bruce and the entire city council even wrote us a letter of support to include in our application for the award, as did the Director of Alberta Environment.
We can’t thank them enough for their support and belief in what we are accomplishing in our business model. We want to prove that a company can be not only eco-sensitive but, that it can also be very good for business as long as they walk the talk.
For further CCME information please visit:
For more information please contact:
Scott Pulvermacher, CEO
LOGical Creations Ltd.
(403) 969-5647
Logical Creations is a custom log furniture builder. Since our inception we have implemented a zero waste policy. We build all of our furniture from recycled trees; we called it “Treecycling”. Rather than harvest live trees we have chosen instead to only harvest those trees that have already died in the forest. In doing so we are taking the fuel out of potential forest fires. We compost our shavings and saw dust and share left over log pieces with the community as fire wood.
Where possible we use only hand powered tools such as bow saws and axes and make many other efforts to lower our green house gas emissions. All office by-products are recycled.
Having seen a need Logical Creations pioneered “TREECYCLE” a recycling program to shred used Christmas trees to be utilized in Airdrie city parks while raising almost $5,000 in aid for the Food Bank.
We are self taught and are very passionate about bringing back this lost art of the pioneers. We build all of our furniture the old fashioned way? by hand! We peel the logs using the old draw knife method. This leaves a beautiful texture to each log we use. We believe log furniture should be a beautiful and functional work of art. It is furniture to be pasted down to your grandchildren!
Our furniture can be seen in many Canadian homes such as former Calgary Mayor Al Duerr, The Deerfoot Inn and Casino and other wonderful people.
“When trees go to heaven it?s only LOGICAL that they end up in our CREATIONS”

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