CitizenShift >> V 4.4 << Online Media for Social Change


CitizenShift >> V 4.4  << Online Media for
Social Change

June 13, 2008


>> Urban Renewal, Human
Neglect?  – NEW!
>> Echo Park’s Creative Community Centre-

>> Documentary Field Notes and Flash
>> Connections with Our World @ Doxa

>> Welcome to Guantanamo
>> Take it Back
>> On the Matter of Tar Sands and
Indigenous Lands
>> Architecture of the Occupation
>> Aggro
Fuels: The Mean Ungreen Monoculture Machine

Reel Youth
>> Critical Mass: Wheels of Change
>> Language
>> Harm Reduction
>> Agent Orange


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>> Urban Renewal, Human Neglect?  – NEW!
A new
dossier on an old social issue; gentrification has been going on in urban areas
for decades.  How does this affect the people who are living in these
changing environments and what happens to those who are squeezed out of their
homes?  Are we turning a blind eye to human rights in favour of new
businesses, urban ‘beautification’ and economic growth?  Check out this
dossier to find out more.


>> Echo Park’s Creative Community Centre – NEW!
Echo Park Film Center is an urban media arts collective that uses the magic of
the moving image to empower youth and celebrate community stories.  Check
out This is the L.A. River (parts 1 thru 7), a documentary made by a team of
young filmmakers.  Discover what the community has to say about the
history, the current state and the dreams for the future of the River…all made
in beautiful 16mm.     

Do you have something to say about these issues?  Don’t be shy, jump
right into the mix and add your comments or related materials. 



>> Documentary Field Notes and Flash Points

Accomplished documentary filmmaker, Magnus Isaacson, shares a wealth of
information and opinions on our Canadian documentary scene.   


>> Connections with Our World @ Doxa
Follow the
experiences of young filmmakers from the Shíshálh Nation (Sechelt) and the
Nuxalk Nation (Bella Coola) as they create and present their films at
Vancouver’s DOXA film fest.



>> Welcome to Guantanamo North
This three-part
audio-podcast delves into the topic of Canada’s security certificate legislation
and its (un)constitutionality.

>> Taking it Back
Government bodies create huge
barriers for welfare recipients to access special needs monies for such things
as dietary needs, transportation, eye glasses, dental care and child care. 
This podcast looks at the relationships between poverty and health in

>> On the Matter of Tar Sands and Indigenous

Don’t miss this powerful video podcast examining the impact of
the Alberta Tar Sands project on First Nations communities in the region. 
Clayton Thomas-Mueller of the Mathais Colomb Cree Nation (Pukatawagan) in
Northern Manitoba talks about the health and political effects of the massive
industrial project.

>> Architecture of the Occupation
This two-part
documentary explores the critical theory of Israeli architect and philosopher
Eyal Weizman to understand how architecture and urban planning are strategic
elements within the Occupied Territories; featuring interviews with Palestinians
Sayid Ayash and Dr. Ismael Zayid, Dr. Amal Ghazal, professor of modern middle
east history at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and journalist Jon Elmer,
recently returned from Gaza and the West Bank.

>> Aggro Fuels: The Mean (Un)Green Monoculture
This podcast on the issue of biofuels features interviews
with Devlin Kuyek, author of “Good Crop, Bad Crop” and Canadian member of GRAIN;
Soledad Vogliano, environmental researcher with CEPPAS from Argentina; Marilyn
Machado from the Proceso de Comunidades Negras (PCN) in Colombia; and Sharon
Labchuk, environmental activist with Earth Action on Prince Edward Island.


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We are currently seeking submissions to these following dossiers.  Do
you have media to add?  Contact us, or sign up and contribute.

Reel Youth – Reel Youth (RY) is a not-for-profit, media
empowerment program supporting young people to create and distribute films about
their visions for a better world and the issues that concern them most.

Critical Mass – Wheels of Change – As our urban
environment screams for a reduction in pollution, Critical Mass bike movements
around the world lead the way. Do you bike? Why not upload a photo with you and
your bike to this moving dossier.

Language Lost – The use of native languages has
diminished in many First Nations communities to the point where in some places
there are only a few elders who can speak their traditional tongues.

Harm Reduction – Harm reduction initiatives range from
widely accepted ideas such as designated driver campaigns, to more controversial
initiatives like the provision of condoms in public schools, needle exchange
programs or supervised injection sites for intravenous drug users.

Agent Orange – Think Agent Orange is a thing of the
past?  Not to the people who live around Gagetown New Brunswick who are
still living the effects of this toxic chemical used during the 1950’s, ’60’s
and ’70’s.


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Enjoy CITIZENShift!

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