Green Your Campbell Cash

VTACC has been working closely with The Tyee and other partners over the past month to develop a campaign promoting collective action with our coming climate action dividends. We invite you to check out the campaign online and get involved! Read on below for details


Dear Friend of Climate Action,

This month, you’ll receive a $100 cheque from the B.C. government.
Called the climate action dividend, it’s intended to help you reduce
your reliance on fossil fuels, and is part of B.C.’s “revenue neutral”
carbon tax announced earlier this year.

That’s $440 million going back into the hands of British Columbians to take action on climate change.

So what will you do with your $100?

When the carbon tax was announced in February’s provincial budget, and The Tyee first asked this question,
many readers suggested a collective approach. If we pool our resources,
we can have a much bigger impact than our individual $100 cheques ever

And so, today we are pleased to invite you to the launch of the Green Your Campbell Cash
website developed by The Tyee, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee,
Voters Taking Action on Climate Change, the David Suzuki Foundation and
the Pembina Institute. The site is designed to showcase collective
climate action projects occurring throughout B.C. to which you can
pledge your support — and your climate action dividend.

How to Green Your Campbell Cash

B.C.-based organizations and individuals are invited to submit climate action projects
geared toward education, advocacy, public engagement, adaptation,
emission reductions or carbon capture. All projects will be reviewed by
Tyee staff prior to being published on the site, and those that meet
the campaign’s guidelines will receive their own project page
describing the scope of their project and fundraising goals.

As a visitor to the site, you can browse through the projects, vote
for your favourites and pledge your support by contacting project leads
directly to make a donation. You can also submit your own climate
action project.

If you’d rather spent your $100 some other way, you can share your commitment
with others on the site. You can also send your favourite projects to
your friends and social networks using the sharing tools provided.

Why Green Your Campbell Cash?

Maybe your neighbourhood could benefit from a community garden or a
bike co-op. Perhaps your child’s school could drastically reduce
emissions by switching to solar power. Whatever the case, we believe
that by taking collective action, we can take bigger steps against
climate change and work to ensure B.C.’s climate action dividend truly
makes a difference throughout B.C. communities. We hope you’ll join in
and Green Your Campbell Cash.


Green Your Campbell Cash Founding Partners

About This Campaign

The Green Your Campbell Cash campaign was developed by
The Tyee,
Western Canada Wilderness Committee,
Voters Taking Action on Climate Change,
David Suzuki Foundation and
the Pembina Institute in
response to the B.C. government’s implementation of a “revenue neutral” carbon
tax and accompanying $100 Climate Action Dividend mailed out to every British
Columbian this June.

This site showcases B.C. climate action projects toward which you can
contribute your $100 dividend. Why? Because we feel that taking action
collectively will help to ensure the Climate Action Dividend achieves
its intended purpose: to help British Columbians make lifestyle changes
to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

Whether you are interested in helping to start a community garden, put a
solar-powered roof on your child’s school, or buy a bike for your daily
commute, this is the place where you can share your ideas, support
projects that interest you and get your friends and colleagues involved.

You can browse the submitted projects,
vote for your favourites and connect directly with project organizers.
If you have a project of your own to submit, please do so
If you’d like to share your thoughts on other ways you plan to spend
your Climate Action Dividend, please post them in the
Commitments section.

For background information on the BC carbon tax, check out these Tyee

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