Planet Green on the Discovery Channel



  • Becomes Planet Green, the only 24/7
    eco-lifestyle network in June 2008
  • Targeting adults 18-54, particularly students, new parents & young baby boomers

Discovery Home becomes Planet Green
on June 4, 2008. Planet Green is Discovery’s global, cross-company
initiative and commitment to document, preserve and celebrate the
planet, featuring the first and only 24-hour eco-lifestyle channel
dedicated to making a difference by providing tools, information and
content that will enlighten, empower and most importantly, entertain.

Planet Green will speak to people who want to understand green
living and to those who truly want to make a difference by providing
tools and information to meet the critical challenge of protecting our
environment. Planet Green’s platforms include leading eco-lifestyle
website and the recently launched solutions-oriented
Discovery is also launching Discovery Education Green, a K-12 service
that hosts dynamic media content correlated to state standards.
Discovery Education Green will help teachers integrate Green lessons
into their curriculum and empowers students to make more
environmentally conscious decisions.

Planet Green will be simulcast in HD.

Visit the web site:

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