Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses (SEGH)

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The Government of Saskatchewan has extended and enhanced the Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses retrofit grant program until March 31, 2011. Individuals who qualify under this new program also qualify for the ecoENERGY Retrofit initiative introduced by the federal government on April 1, 2007.

Under the extended Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses program, you are eligible to receive a provincial grant of up to $5,000 on energy efficient upgrades you make to your home. To qualify, you must complete an EnerGuide for Houses pre-retrofit evaluation (“D” audit), your retrofits, and a post-retrofit evaluation (“E” audit). Your pre-retrofit evaluation will provide you with a list of recommendations for your home and applicable grant values.

The Province continues to offer grants to any homeowner who completes their pre-retrofit evaluation and then completes their renovations and post-retrofit within 18 months of the pre-retrofit evaluation.

The Saskatchewan EnerGuide for Houses list of eligible improvements has been expanded. In addition to heating and ventilation system upgrades, insulation, air sealing and draft proofing that were covered under the previous program, new recommendations include: upgrading air conditioning, water heating systems, such as

tankless (instantaneous) water heaters,
condensing water heaters
solar hot water systems, and
drain water heat recovery (DWHR) systems; as well as water conservation recommendations such as
low flow or dual flush toilets.

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