Renewable is Doable: Keeping the Lights on in Ontario While Meeting our Climate Change Commitments

WWF-Canada and the Pembina Institute have commissioned a landmark study to forecast three possible futures for Ontario’s energy future.

A greener and more affordable energy future is available. Here’s how we get it.

RENEWABLE IS DOABLE confirms that smart, targeted investments in a diverse array of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions over the next twenty years will achieve major cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, accelerate the closure of our highly-polluting coal plants, and avoid the need for new nuclear investments.
Packaging a Robust Solution
The key to planning for the longterm is not simply matching future supply and demand by 2027. It is building an optimum ‘package’ which features faster construction times, flexible production, the lowest risk, the highest reliability, realistic costs, and minimal pollution.
Achieving this requires rigorous advance homework, and sober assessments based on actual performance and conservative forecasts of power output and costs. This is precisely what our study does.
It concludes that a cleaner, greener power system comprised of dozens of diverse ‘laptop’ power plants across Ontario will work far better, at far less risk and cost, than a dozen monolithic nuclear ‘mainframes’.
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