Appalachian Corridor is launching its new Interactive map on the web

ACA’s territory extends over over 2900 square km, is rich of a
multitude of natural habitats and ecological treasures, and includes
over 13 000 hectares of protected land. Over a dozen organisations are
involved in the protection of these fragile natural sites and act as
environmental watchdogs in their area. ACA’s terrirory includes two
administrative regions (Estrie and Montérégie), four MRCs and numerous

ACA is proud to provide website users with an interactive map of its
territory. Familiarise yourselves with this new and original web tool
and see how you can discover more about the territory and conservation
strategy of ACA and its affilated members.

Click here to access the Interactive map.

Appalachian Corridor (ACA) is a non-profit conservation
organization whose mission is the protection of the natural areas of
the Appalachians.

Through the implementation of a transborder conservation strategy, the
ACA provides local communities with the means to maintain and restore a
way of life that respects the ecology of the region in a perspective of
sustainable development.

Visit their web site:

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