How Cool is Your City?


With the hot days of summer moving in, Sierra Club Canada is rolling
out its Cool Cities campaign in communities across the country.
Wondering what your city is doing to combat climate change and how you
can help it do more? Check out the website to find out and to get involved.

Cool Cities campaign helps you create an instant campaign, with online
tools that help you find other interested activists, easy stepwise
campaign milestones, campaign-in-a-box resources, and an activists
toolkit. Get a few people together or find other activists through, use the resources and you will be looking like pros in no time.
All you need to do to get started is to go to, register on the site, and have a look around.

Canadian Cool Cities campaign addresses climate change by advocating
practical action by municipal governments. The Canadian campaign is
modelled closely on the successful US Cool Cities campaign developed by
Sierra Club in the US in 2005. The campaign has expanded rapidly and
already built momentum in Canada, with over 950 cool cities in North

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