Science North receives federal funding for new IMAX film on climate change

SUDBURY, ON – The Government of Canada has announced International Polar Year funding of $600,000 for the development of a new Science North IMAX® film project.

The funding will help support the filming of Artic Odyssey – Journey to the Top of the World, a giant-screen film project that will bring the issue of the impact of climate change on the Arctic, to a worldwide audience. 

“Arctic Odyssey – Journey to the Top of the World is ultimately a testimonial to the places and ways of life that are on the verge of disappearing,” said David Lickley, Science North large format film Director/Producer. “The opportunity to shoot this film with a focus on International Polar Year is also exciting and unique, as thousands of scientists from around the world are participating in the most extensive international study ever undertaken of any region on earth.  We’ll highlight the results from their scientific studies.  Their work will focus the world’s attention on climactic events, and will underline the implications these changes will have on the rest of the planet.”

Sudbury-based Science North has established an international reputation for educating and immersing visitors in the exploration of topics about the poles and climate change.

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