Entomological Society of Canada


The Entomological Society of Canada is one of the largest and oldest professional societies in Canada. Founded in Toronto on 16 April 1863, the Society was open to “all students and lovers of Entomology”. The first officers were Prof. H. Croft, President; W. Saunders, Secretary Treasurer; and Rev. J. Hubbert, Curator. The organization flourished as interested collectors of insects showed their acquisitions at meetings, discussed the natural history of their favourite species, exchanged specimens, described and named new species, and started museum collections of Canadian insects.
The Society obtained legal status in 1871 and was incorporated under a new section of the Agricultural Arts Act as “The Entomological Society of Ontario”. The headquarters of this Society was moved to London, Ontario in 1873, and then to Guelph, Ontario in 1906.
The Entomological Society of Canada, as it is known today, was founded by members of the Entomological Society of Ontario on 3 November 1950. The founding officers were W.A. Ross, President; A.W. Baker, Vice President; W.R. Thompson, Editor; R.H. Wigmore, Secretary; A.B. Baird, Treasurer; plus seven Directors. The headquarters of the national Society then moved to Ottawa.
Visit the web site: http://www.esc-sec.org/

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