Efficiency New Brunswick’s CFL Rebate Campaign

Compact fluorescent light bulb
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Efficiency NB recognized Earth Day recently with an in-store rebate campaign to educate New Brunswickers on the benefits of switching to compact fluorescent lighting products (CFLs) and to provide a financial incentive to help offset the cost of doing so.

Energy Minister Jack Keir is supportive of the program and praised the initiative of Efficiency NB. “On Earth Day many of us reflect on how we can lessen our impact on the environment. Efficiency NB has provided the information and an incentive for each and every household to easily participate in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, which are key components of this government’s Climate Change Action Plan,” said Energy Minister, Jack Keir.

“Switching to compact fluorescent lighting is one of the easiest ways you can reduce your household energy consumption. If everyone does a little, it can add up to a lot,” said Elizabeth Weir, Efficiency NB’s President and CEO. “Replacing the four most used bulbs in your home will save you about $22 in annual electricity costs. And if 15 percent of New Brunswick homes participate in this way it will reduce electricity usage by 11million kilowatt hours over a year,” she added.

A $2 instant rebate coupon is now available at participating grocery, department stores and home improvement and hardware stores across the province and may be used against the purchase of Energy Star® qualified CFL products until May 30.

The agency partnered with NB Power, Saint John Energy and municipal electric utilities in Perth-Andover and Edmundston to include an insert in April power bills for all New Brunswick households. The insert provides information about CFL lighting products and the in-store rebate program.

“Replacing lighting is a great first step. I encourage homeowners, businesses and industrial operations to contact Efficiency NB for information on incentives and programs available to help with efforts to increase energy efficiency,” said Minister Keir.

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