Crash Parallel Encourage the Support of Earth Day 2008

88697234322_9_212142.jpg“Let earth day 2008 be the start of infinite changes and responsible choices. Helping the world in recovery is something we all have in common and can all participate and take pride in.  Fight for your home everyday.” – Tim Edwards from Crash Parallel.

In support of their debut album, available May 6, 2008, Toronto-based quartet Crash Parallel are tackling important issues with the title track and first single “World We Know”. The song is a powerful call to arms that challenges our generation to take action and protect our world, with a chorus that asks us “what are we waiting for?”

Directed by Danny Appleby (Kalan Porter, Jason Collett), the video reflects these same themes with powerful imagery and emotion to match. 

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About Crash Parallel

Drawing comparisons to artists such as Coldplay, The Fray, David Gray and Counting Crows, Crash Parallel’s debut album is a combination of strong melodies and intimate lyrics. The Toronto-based quartet was formed three years ago by singer/ songwriter Tim Edwards and songwriter/guitarist Dan Saitua, later joined by Gary Rugala (bass) and John Vitellaro (drums).

To date the band has taken an organic, grassroots approach to their career while working on their debut album, World We Know, set for release May 6th, 2008. They garnered an early following through performing local area gigs, including NXNE where the response was outstanding which led to major buzz for the band at both college and online communities.


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(Source: Sony BMG Canada)

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