The GLOBE Carbon Registry


recognition of the fact there are many excellent climate change
projects not yet certified to standards such as the Voluntary Carbon
Standard or ISO 14064-2, the GLOBE Carbon Registry provides a facility
to display the custom standard to which an offset has been validated
and verified. By clearly exhibiting all requirements for
a project standard, customers in the marketplace are enabled to make
informed decisions in selecting the offsets and the projects they wish
to support.

The GLOBE Carbon Registry will ensure market integrity by issuing a
unique serial number to each posted offset, avoiding double counting
and allowing chain of custody control from creation to retirement.

A Driving Force to Address Climate Change

The voluntary carbon market presents a powerful mechanism for
addressing climate change. Through stimulating innovation and
encouraging action throughout many parts of the economy, GHGs can be
excluded from the atmosphere while setting the technological, financial
and educational pre-conditions for avoiding dangerous human-made
climate change. In creating a mechanism for displaying quality offset
projects of all types, third-party validated and verified to a
transparent standard, and tracking these offsets through the chain of
custody, the GLOBE Carbon Registry will build trust in carbon
offsetting and allow full realization of the potential of the voluntary
carbon market.

Registering Projects

Registering a project will involve submission of a project
description, indication and explanation of the GHG quantification
standard met, and the name and qualifications of their verifier.
Validation and verification statements must conform to the requirements
of their standard and list how many tonnes of CO2e offsets are
being generated under each verification. Registered tonnes will each be
given a unique serial number that is tracked on the registry through
each transfer of ownership
and finally retired against an end-user’s emissions. This transparent
process allows all parties to oversee the integrity and accountability
of registered offsets. In the case that a registrant wishes to use a
custom standard, the GLOBE Registry provides the ideal venue to display
the requirements and benefits of such a frame-work. Though the registry
reserves the right to screen standards and projects for completeness,
it will work to provide a broad showcase that encourages diversity and
innovation of quality projects in the voluntary carbon market.

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  1. Lin Chen says:

    The GLOBE foundation is involved with a number of projects and will be a good leader in the field
    from their events like and to their consumer show like EPIC


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