News Release: GeoTourism and the “Crown of the Continent”

…. “A stretch of the Rocky Mountains runs virtually unbroken for 250 miles from central Montana into southern Canada with a skyline that exalts all the land within eyeshot. Many call this the Crown of the Continent.”

Douglas H. Chadwick, in the Sept. 2007 issue of National Geographic Magazine.

The Waterton National Park Chamber of Commerce announces the unveiling of National Geographic’s newest cross-border GeoTourism initiative.

Waterton, Alberta. April 9th, 2008.

Roof of the world. Crown of the Continent. World Heritage Site(s).
‘Unique cross-boundary celebration of preservation.’

What’s the big, hairy, deal?

National Geographic, in partnership with a diverse range oforganizations in B.C., Alberta, and Montana, have created an amazingMapGuide and web resource covering the “Crown of the Continent.”

Centered on Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, and featuringthe Rocky Mountain and foothill areas of two provinces and one state, this initiative is all about promoting Geotourism in a unique andspecial place.

This is the biggest environmental thing to happen in SouthwestAlberta since the dinosaurs died! And we’re going to tell you about itjust in time for Earth Day! Join us for the media launch on April 17th .

THIS is the Crown of the Continent.

And it’s finally ‘on the map.’
All thanks to National Geographic’s Center for Sustainable Destinations.
And about a thousand other people.

Now it’s your turn…

The official Canadian launch of the Crown of the Continent
MapGuide and web portal. The half-hour presentation will include a
short speech from the head of National Geographic’s Center
ForSustainable Development, and overviews of the
MapGuide’scommunity-based creation process and interactive web portal.

Media Conference Thursday, April 17Media Conference Thursday, April 17th at 1:30 p.m.

Historic Lougheed House. 707 -13 Avenue SW, Calgary.

More INFO / RSVP: Allen Gibson, Waterton Chamber of Commerce
403. 393. 6664. e:

Now, once you’ve read the material attached, what do you think??
Is this something certainly of Value?
Something that your subscribers would enjoy learning more about?

Storylines and photographs available.

For More details contact:
Barbera Fallon. National Geographic Society (703) 489-0880
Chris Dadson. Kootenay Rockies Tourism (250) 427-4838
Duncan Daniels, Southern Alberta Historic Sites,
Alberta Ministry of Culture and Community Spirit. (403) 297-4044

Visit the web site:

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