EcoAction Teams – Earth Day Canada

EcoActionTeams_gif.gifEarth Day Canada and ecoAction Teams is proud to release their newly redesigned website and calculator! The unique EcoAction Teams environmental savings calculator gives you simple steps and measurable results to reduce your impact on the planet.

EcoAction Teams is about mobilizing Canadians who want to take action in their own lives to stop the effects of climate change.

Starting with simple conservation actions at home, we can help you reduce your household energy and water use, waste production, transportation fuel use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

An EcoAction Team is made up of your household and your neighbours,
friends, family, coworkers, classmates, fellow club members or whomever
you want to work with! You do not need to start or join a team to use
the activity calculator.


EcoAction Teams is a community-based program of Earth Day Canada
that assists the public with making sound conservation choices in the
home and in their day to day lives. Through active participation and
online results tracking, individuals can significantly reduce their
levels of hydro use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and household

Established in 2003, the program has reached over 1,400
participants in over 25 communities in Ontario alone and is expanding
the program to include all Canadians (B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, New
Brunswick, Nova Scotia 2007; and Manitoba, Quebec, P.E.I. and
Newfoundland 2008).

EcoAction Teams addresses the challenges to Canada’s environment by
partnering with communities, organizations and the public across the

EcoAction Teams strives to be the leader in
providing comprehensive, grass-roots information to Canadians on
household energy, waste and water conservation. We provide the
information that motivates sustainable behaviour change in Canadians,
creating a conservation mindset in all communities, motivating
Canadians to take environmental action in their own homes.

Visit their web site:

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