Garbage: The Revolution Starts at Home

garbage-rev.jpgPlanet in Focus: Toronto International Environmental Film and Video Festival is pleased to co-present “Garbage: The Revolution Starts at Home” at the 15th Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival
April 17- 27, 2008

With his first son just born, filmmaker Andrew Nisker is very concerned with the state of our planet. As the average household level of consumption rises, so does the astronomical amount of waste we collectively create. Are we turning the earth into one giant garbage can? Determined to understand the damage we are doing, Nisker enlists the average urban family, the McDonald’s, to keep every scrap of garbage that they produce for three months in their increasingly smelly garage. From organic waste to dirty diapers, from plastic bottles to Christmas wrapping, the McDonald’s discover that for every action there is a reaction that affects them and the entire planet. At turns hilarious, provocative, and alarming, Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home will change the way you think about the garbage sitting out on your curb and will make you think twice before you eat on paper plates. Directed by Andrew Nisker, Canada, 76 min. Visit the web site:

BLOOR – Sat Apr 19   1:00 PM

AL GREEN – Tue Apr 22   9:00 PM

Ticket info:

Daytime Screenings Tickets (before 6 pm)
$10, evening screenings (between 6 pm-11 pm) are $12 each and Late
Night Screenings (after 11PM) are $5. Order advance tickets and pass
sales at the DOCUMENTARY Box Office (87 Avenue Road, 2 Blocks North of
Bloor, upper level of Hazelton Lanes), online at, or by
phone at 416-637-5150. On the day of the screening, all daytime
screenings are FREE for students and seniors with valid ID, courtesy of
the Toronto Star.

Visit for further information and detailed film descriptions.

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