Electric Vehicles in Canada

hypermini.jpgHere are two organizations that promote Electric Vehicles in Canada….

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association (VEVA) started meeting in 1985
and formed as a non-profit society in 1987 to promote the development
of clean alternative transportation with a focus on Electric Vehicles.
While our membership is drawn largely from the lower mainland we have
members from all over BC as well as other provinces and states. Many of
our members have built electric vehicles including passenger cars and
bicycles. We meet monthly to discuss current events, projects under
development and to plan for various events which we attend each year
promoting the concepts of Electric Vehicles.

Visit their web site: http://www.veva.bc.ca

Another related organization is the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa (EVCO).  The
Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa (EVCO) is dedicated to promoting
the use of electric vehicles as a viable transportation alternative
that is ecological, economical, practical, and available now.

Who Killed the Electric Car?” was a great film…

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  1. R. Turgano says:

    Found another good organization: EV Canada


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